Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fluff dog

so a few people have gotten in touch with me and they've told me that once again they are pleased to see that I am blogging. And I am. Actually more than you read because ninety percent of the shit I write I flush down the toilet as self indulgent garbage. But the dilemma is suddenly I am pressured to produce something...something good. And believe me I want to!! But fishing around for excuses to push this thing off one more day, to pray to fucking God that he will give me that nugget of an idea that will unleash me....I stumble upon this whole Michael Jackson thing...and I allow myself to get swept up in the emotion...and crying on my knees, I have to announce to my readers that this is neither the time nor the place to celebrate life as usual, to post some innane blog about whatever.....the king passes...I am high on scotch and some powerful Mendocino skunk and fuck the neighbors...I am going to dance nude to the entire Thriller album in front of the bay windows with all of the lights on......all night long...all night...alllll night......

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